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The arts provide a strong identity and shared sense of pride in our community. They are a bridge between a diverse population and group of people.

Will you consider being a champion, and making a donation today so that we can continue to foster creativity, engage minds, and integrate the arts into the identity of Glendale?

When you support Glendale Arts, you become a champion for the preservation of culture, the continuation of heritage, and the passing along of these to future generations.

With your help, Glendale Arts and the Alex Theatre can stay in the forefront of making the arts accessible to all members of the community and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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As a caring citizen, you contribute to organizations that make a meaningful impact in the community where you live, visit, and work.  

We have always needed the arts. We can see this from the early cave paintings from prehistoric man.

We continue to need the arts. We are not whole without it.

With your support, we can enjoy a community where the arts are not an after-thought, but a living, breathing, and vibrant part of our everyday lives.

We’d like to be a part of your giving journey, so that together we can change lives. Are you with us?

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Alex Theatre Seat Naming

You are a part of the Alex Theatre’s story.

We’re connected through your memories, moments, and emotions. Think about . . .

Every time you attend a show.
Every time you drive down Brand Blvd.
Every time you see the neon tower and marquee.

We’re connected through these special times in your life.

You’re invited to share your stories with us, and leave your legacy at the Theatre and your mark on the community by Naming a Seat.

When you claim a seat, you’re investing in the continued growth of the Alex Theatre (yes, even after 93 years we are growing) and ensuring the historic venue remains a place where your cherished memories continue to flourish. Maybe even passing them along to future generations and those you love and care about.

For frequently asked questions about Seat Naming, Click Here or send an email to for additional information.

To claim your seat and share your story, Click Here.

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Glendale Arts offers volunteer opportunities for many different interests and skill. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider donating your time to us:

  1. It’s good for you!
  2. It saves resources.
  3. To gain professional experience.
  4. To meet and connect with new people.
  5. It promotes personal growth and self-esteem.
  6. To learn something new.
  7. To connect to the community and make it stronger.
  8. To give something back.
  9. It encourages civic responsibility.
  10. To make a difference and shape the world you live in!
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Donate through Amazon Smile

When you select Glendale Arts as your non-profit of choice on Amazon Smile, part of your purchase is donated to us, at no extra charge to you.

Amazon Smile is a program of  When you purchase items through Amazon Smile, we receive .5% from your purchase.  All you have to do is click below and sign up.  Be sure to select Glendale Arts.  Once you sign up, you can add the Amazon Smile widget to your browser too.

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Register your Ralphs Rewards Card

Register your Ralphs Rewards Card and Glendale Arts receives a portion of your purchases.

If you have a Ralphs Rewards shopping card, you can go online, register your card, and we receive a percentage of your purchases at Ralphs (from 1% to 4%, depending on how much you buy). For instructions on how to sign up, click here and select Glendale Arts.  It only takes a few minutes to sign up.

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