GA Partners is a program that provides benefits to businesses and organizations for supporting the arts. The benefits are delivered through Glendale Arts events, outreach, marketing, and programs.

Take a look at the reasons why some of our current GA Partners have decided to partner with the arts, and then contact to discover yours.

Glendale Arts is a great facilitator for funding and support. They’re focused on their own projects, but they also focus on providing tremendous networking opportunities.

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Glendale Arts supports local businesses and provides community-wide programs which are integral to the health and vitality of our community.  With the ability to attract new business, stimulate urban renewal, and draw in tourism dollars, Glendale Arts contributes to creating an environment that attracts skilled, educated workers and improves the quality of life in the community.

Each GA Partner road map is individually crafted to complement the business’ marketing goals, community needs and budget.  Partnering with Glendale Arts shows both clients and employees that your organization supports not only the arts, but the city of Glendale.  A partnership with Glendale Arts is a partnership with the community. Contact for more information.

Our Partners