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Glendale Arts

celebrates artisans who inspire, dialogues that paint the canvas of understanding, and the audiences who share in the journey.



Glendale International Film Festival
September 26 - October 1, 2024


It's great to be SCENE!

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Glendale Arts

is a non profit organization that powers artists and audiences by increasing access to arts and culture



When you donate to Glendale Arts, you unlock membership benefits including discounts to performances and access to events. SCENE builds community and opportunity between artists and audiences.


The arts change the way
we see the world and the way we see each other.


Art is Everything is Art


Art is a Ripple Effect

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Art is Giving

Art is the connective tissue that brings people together. Art is humanity. Art matters.

Glendale Arts’ DNA is the culture, values, and principles that describe
what we do and who we are

We Power Arts & Culture by presenting various forms of artistic expression and providing platforms that discover the richness and complexity of being human.

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We Build Community by bringing people together, fostering engagement, encouraging dialogue and interactionand driving the local creative economy.

We Inspire New Ideas by promoting a culture of creativity and innovation through engaging exhibitions, performances, and interactive experiences.

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