Glendale Arts Fiscal Sponsorship offers a way for a cause to attract donors even when the organization doing the mission driven work it is not recognized as a 501c3. In essence, Glendale Arts serves as the administrative “home” of the cause and provides a non-profit structure, including administrative and accounting support, grant and fundraising opportunties, and capacity building access, to organizations serving the community through visial and performing arts programming.  Glendale Arts is proud to serve three impactful organizations as their fiscal sponsor. Read about them below:


Lifechild is a theatrical production company focused on amplifying the often-overlooked voices in society through live performance and educational workshops.  One thing that makes Lifechild so special is its dedication to making each of the live theatrical performances it produces accessible to underserved youth and income qualifying adults by, not only offering complimentary tickets, but also covering transportation costs where applicable. Lifechild continues to grow working with the city and other local organizations to provide creative workshops free of charge to the community. Expect to see more exciting events coming soon! Onward & Upward!



glendaleOUT is Glendale’s grass-roots LGBTQIA+ organization. Our goal is to integrate the queer community into the broader narrative that is Glendale. We do this through political action, community building, and social connection. Your tax-deductible donation will help to fund our various community initiatives including a yearly Pride event and our scholarship program for graduating GUSD senior high school students. A small portion of funds will also be used to guarantee continued administrative operations.


The Music Path

Empowering The Next Generation

The Music Path is a platform, created by Robby Krieger of The Doors, to encourage and support the next generation of original Contemporary Music-makers, with a focus on collaborative creatiity and live performance. 


The PLAY-off Program, free for public high schools, provides students the opportunity to learn, write and perform the Contemporary Music they’re most passionate about, as they prepare for a “Battle of the Bands” concert!

Currently, there is a pilot for high school musicians being implemented at Hoover High School in Glendale, CA, with the intention for eventual national scale. Supported by many music industry professionals and manufacturers, the program provides students the “safe” creative on-campus space to form bands that prepare for an end-of-year “Battle of the Bands.” Unlike traditional school-based music programming, this project-based music enrichment is almost entirely student driven, facilitated only by industry professionals and emerging artists. Through this fun and engaging experience, students who are often self-taught and/or at-risk, build self-esteem, self-expression, and practice valuable life skills in time management and collaborative communication.


High-quality professional performance opportunities for PLAY-off graduates and emerging artists that broaden artistic community and greater local community engagement.

TMP provides live concert production support in their On The Horizon concert series. Through the formation of coalitions, up and coming bands leverage their individual promotional efforts to build audience and their share of concert revenues. TMP provides the up-front funding to secure a venue, as well as any additional lighting or sound reinforcement needs. These performances are captured with high quality multi-camera, multi-track audio to create content, freely available for the act’s future promotional use. TMP recruits many passionate and ambitious young artists to facilitate PLAY-off program students, from the resulting larger “tighter” artistic community.

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