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Ever since my daughter was born, date nights with my husband have been rather uninspired, to say the least. Dinner and a movie or dinner and a show was our “go-to” plan. I had been wanting to spice up our rare and ever-so cherished evenings out. Bowling, miniature golf, anything but just going to the same restaurant and sitting a watching a story unfold.

I will never again take for granted the simple, perfect, and timeless coupling of dinner and a show.

It’s a perfect evening. You get to have the one-on-one time with your partner/friend/family member, enjoy delicious food (while avoiding the effort of cooking and clean up), and then (when you’ve inevitably had enough of that one-on-one time) sit in a dark room and watch a story together that you can then reconnect over when it’s finished. It’s brilliant! It’s why this has become a solid night out, and what millions of Americans are looking forward to when it’s safe to go out in public again. 

I am longing for the day when I can escape to the comfort of my favorite ramen place and go catch a show or a quick flick. However, the impact of the Coronavirus has hit the restaurant and entertainment industries – hard – leaving many to wonder if their favorite go-to restaurant, theatre, or venue will be open. If you’re worried about whether this is the case, here are a few ways you can help make sure your local restaurant is still up and running with your favorite meal waiting for you:



  • If it’s open, order food to go. 

Check out our list of Restaurants in Glendale still open for business. 


  • Buy a gift card. 

Show your favorite restaurant some love now and cash it in for later. 


  • Tip extra. 

For many restaurant workers, their hours have been significantly reduced. An extra tip will go a long way. 


  • Book events and parties for the future. 

If you need to reschedule an event for a later date or have one on the horizon, book the event now and reserve your space. 


  • Buy Merch 

Now’s the time to buy that shirt, coffee mug, or tote you’ve had your eye on. 


  • Give a positive review

A positive review can go a long way with local restaurants. Leave a review for their delivery services, quality, prices, and menu options so they can have extra support when they reopen.


Of course, donating to your local arts organization or buying gift cards to a local movie theatre will also make sure you are keeping the most important part of the evening intact – being enveloped into a story and experiencing something magical together.

…or giving you that much-needed break from the one-on-one time you just had over dinner.

Whichever sounds more accurate, let’s make sure we still have this stale, unoriginal, and utterly perfect evening waiting for us when this is all over.

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