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Solo Fest is back with a series of brand-new performances from June 7-9, 2024! Presented by Glendale Arts in partnership with Lifechild, all performance will be at Antaeus Theatre.

Solo Fest offers an exhilarating and distinctive theatrical journey. True to its name, this form features a solo performer who skillfully embodies multiple characters to narrate a captivating story with artistic and innovative finesse.

Solo Fest aims to spark your creativity, stimulate thought, and engage you at every turn. Each performance is followed by an insightful talkback with the artist.

Lise Porter
All This Talk of Love
June 7, 2024 @ 8pm

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A one-act, one-daughter comedy about how to consciously uncouple from your parents’ narcissism.

Upon receiving news of her father’s death, a woman faints and suddenly enters another dimension of reality. While in a delirious state, she confronts the ghost of her father: past, present, and future. A story of defiance and forgiveness, the play explores themes of trauma and transcendence, as our protagonist comes to terms with her bruised, battered, and beautifully big heart.

A story of love, lack of love, and a little bit of patriarchy as the cherry on the sundae.

Sonja Marie
June 8, 2024 @ 3pm

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This brutally honest “sketch” highlights the tale of our main character “Bricks.” An emotionally exhausted and burdened individual on a quest for self acknowledgement and purpose on the planet.

As she unravels her own personal hurdles, she decides to join the rest of the population of the Black women who are disappearing … through the guidance of her beloved grandmother.

This introductory piece will continue to be explored in future shows as Sonja Marie metaphorically (or maybe not too metaphorically), attempts to answer a massively important question: How would the world operate without the presence of Black women?

Ernie Silva
108 Stitches
June 8, 2024 @ 8pm

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108 Stitches is a mystical story about a man as he’s visited by the demons that determined his failed journey in the game of baseball. We watch as our hero struggles with hilarious and heartbreaking moments. He’s faced with a massive question: will he allow his son to also walk the dangerous path that is the game of all games?

Always remember that thoughts become things.

Directed by Mary Joan Negro

Pamela L. Paek
Abalones – Abs = alone
June 9, 2024 @ 3pm

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If calling a show “alone” didn’t signal total despair, that’d be the show’s title. But, it’s a comedy. Dark though. Stories about abalone, abs, and what it means to be alone. A deep dive at the ways we unconsciously subscribe to social norms and the inadvertent unhappiness, harm, and self-denial we cause. That sounds so heavy. It is but like heavy whipped cream. Delicious for all, even if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, diabetic, and/or live in the LA area.

Be prepared to learn, laugh, and get your heart wrenched through marine biology, anatomy, social psychology, and Korean philosophy via PowerPoint, real photos (no AI), and Bitmojis.

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