Glendale Arts believes the Arts Matter. It’s behind everything we do from powering the Alex Theatre to ensuring the arts are accessible to everyone that wants to participate to creating opportunities for artists and community to come together.

When you make a donation to Glendale Arts, you become a champion for the Alex Theatre, a defender of advancing our community’s well-being through arts and culture, and a believer that the Arts Matter too!



We are all moved by the power of the arts. They reside inside you – and help you overcome challenges, conquer fears, and improve lives. The arts are what make you human and are crucial for your success, health, and happiness.

Although you can engage in arts and culture on your own, they represent one of the few areas in our society where people can come together and share experiences.  When you make space in your life for these moments, you are celebrating humanity.

When you donate to Glendale Arts, you support the preservation of Alex Theatre, a beautiful performing arts and entertainment venue, and create opportunities for joy and culture and community coming together.

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When you open your eyes and hearts to the arts, the world seems a little different. They can sometimes help you reach understanding and ask better questions, and find common ground in a rapidly changing complex world. Understanding and critical thinking skills that enables you to address problems and find solutions.

 As we prepare the next generation to compete and lead in global society, it is imperative that we continue to fund the arts and humanities. Will you play a significant part in the great challenges we are facing today by supporting tolerance and understanding?

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Thank you for supporting Glendale Arts and the Alex Theatre. Your donation inspires creativity, nurtures cultural stewardship and understanding, and promotes a vibrant and healthy community.